The main purpose of designing The Peaceful Parents is to accompany couples from the early months of pregnancy through the early months of parenthood. It provides very valuable information to help you have a healthy, enjoyable pregnancy and awake and aware childbirth experience. It also offers information on baby care and parenting. In addition, throughout the website you will find helpful hints directed to the labor partner or father-to-be. Utilizing these will increase your mate’s participation in the pregnancy, labor, and birth processes, and will enhance his role in parenting.

What This Website Will Do For You?

The purpose of The Peaceful Parents is twofold. First, the website provides the tools to be utilized by you, the expectant couples, throughout pregnancy and birth. Some of these tools must be studied and practiced many times for maximum benefit. Second, the website conveys an attitude, one of awareness and responsibility. It is through this attitude that couples can make educated decisions.

How To Use Information On This Website

The Peaceful Parents website is intended to be used in conjunction with early pregnancy, childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, and new mothers’ classes. The section on cesarean birth also makes it an appropriate manual for cesarean preparation classes. When used individually, rather than in class setting, the whole sections on this website should first be quickly and thoroughly read from the very first post to the last one. Then, the various sections should be studied in more detail according to the current stage of pregnancy—for example, the nutrition section should be read during the early months of pregnancy, the relaxation and breathing section during the later months. The newborn, infant feeding, and parenting sections can provide a handy reference guide after your baby is born.

When reading through the website, please note that for the sake of clarity, the pronoun she is used in reference to the woman, midwife, or nurse. The pronoun he is used when referring to the labor partner, baby, or doctor.

Whether this is your first birth or your first “prepared” birth, the information on this website will enable you to make your journey from pregnancy to parenthood a truly rewarding and memorable experience.