Car Safety During Pregnancy

Most pregnant women wonder if it is advisable to wear a seat belt while riding in a car. The answer is a definite yes. If you protect yourself from injury, you also protect your baby. In auto accidents, most fetal injuries and deaths result from the woman being injured or killed.

Many women are concerned that the seat belt could squeeze the baby and cause a miscarriage. However, there is no evidence that wearing a seat belt results in fetal injury, no matter how serious the collision. Your baby is well cushioned inside your body, surrounded by amniotic fluid and your body organs. A properly worn seat belt is his best protection.

You should wear a lap-shoulder belt whenever you ride in a car. Place the lap portion of the belt underneath your abdominal bulge, as low on your hips as possible. Never put it above your abdomen. Position the shoulder portion of the belt between your breasts. Do not slip the belt off your shoulder. Adjust both parts as snugly as possible.

Always fastening a seat belt around yourself and always using a car seat for your baby after his birth are important ways to protect both of you.