14 Must Have Baby Grooming and Bath Items

Hello mamas and mamas-to-be out there!

Everyone knows how difficult it is to raise a child! While it is hard taking care of his growth and food, grooming him is even a harder task than that. Babies are very sensitive, and demand proper care and attention.

Daily bath is necessary for your baby’s hygiene. The bath is also a moment of softness and complicity between mother and her baby. It’s an opportunity for the little one to relax in the water or in his mother’s arms, but also to have fun, thanks to many soft bath toys adapted to baby’s age, which they can dip in the water. The more baby grows, the more he appreciates this moment: the sensations in the water are exceptional for his development.

However, many mothers fret over the prospect of choosing bathing and grooming items for babies since the market is full of plethora of such products. For your convenience, we have made a list of baby must-have products. Enjoy!

1. Baby Soap

You have to be very careful about which baby soap you use to wash your baby. The skin of our young baby is very fragile. Opt for non-aggressive, soap-free products that are specially designed for babies’ skin.

Use baby soaps that are free of toxic chemicals and other harmful ingredients, and ensure your baby’s safety along with the promise of a soft, clean and glowing skin. A baby’s skin and eyes are delicate and sensitive, so special care is taken in the manufacture of these soaps–most of the soaps are unscented, too–so that they don’t hurt your baby in any form. Moreover, baby soaps also come in liquid form, so if you think holding a big lump of hard soap is a hassle, grab a bottle of liquid soap. Easy and convenient, right?!

2. No Tears Baby Shampoo

Baby shampoos are a viable option for cleaning your baby’s hair, promoting their growth and giving them a soft glow. What is more, baby shampoos come in different colors and are free of chemicals so even if some quantity of shampoo does go into your baby’s eyes accidentally, don’t worry and don’t panic: it won’t hurt. Yes, no tears! With their deep cleansing nature, non-toxic ingredients and soft texture, baby shampoos are a must-have in your list of baby products. So Mamas, next time you go into the super market, don’t forget to grab a bottle of No Tears baby shampoo!

3. Baby Bathing Tub

Some mommies find it difficult to bathe their babies in normal conditions. For such mothers, baby tubs are invaluable. They come in different sizes (according to various stages of a baby’s growth) to cater to your child’s needs. They are portable, foldable and easy to use. Some baby tubs are inflatable to make sure your baby doesn’t fall out while enjoying a foam or bubble shower. To appeal to your baby’s senses, some companies also manufacture theme-based tubs—your child loves bunnies, fishes, rainbows and teddy bears, right?! If you want to give your child maximum joy of taking a bath, go buy a duck-shaped or fish-shaped bathtub and make them giggle!

4. Bathtub Thermometer

At the beginning it is not so easy to get the ideal water temperature, which should be neither too hot nor too cold. Therefore, while the baby is young, it is best to use a thermometer for the bathtub. The optimum temperature for the baby is 35 degrees.

5. Baby Bath Seat

baby bath seat

When your baby starts to sit up, but is not yet very stable, you can install him in a bath seat. Simply fill the bathtub and place your child in it. This way, he or she can play in the water without the risk of tipping over and hurting themselves or putting their head underwater. In addition, most models have a small tablet with built-in games to keep the little ones entertained!

6. Baby Bath Capes

baby bath towel

You can of course dry your newborn with a classic bath towel. However, the bathrobe, or baby bath cape, allows you to quickly dry both baby’s head and his whole body. When it’s cold, this item seems to be really indispensable. Equivalent to the bathrobe for adults and children, it transforms our little rascals into little elves with a magician’s cape. If the bathrobe is one of the accessories for the baby’s bath that is a bit superfluous, I would love this kind of item! You can even have them personalized with your baby’s name!

7. Bath Toys

baby bath toys

In order to make bath time a real moment of relaxation and well-being for baby, many toys are now available on the market. Whether they are small colored animals with funny shapes or books that are already educational, baby can learn to coordinate his movements between his hands and eyes.

In addition to being fun, bath toys allow baby to be awakened through playful activities, increasing his learning with attractive shapes and colors. Suitable for toddlers, bath toys will help baby develop dexterity and independence while giving free rein to his imagination. Not only will his dexterity and creativity grow, but baby will also quickly understand the language you are trying to teach him, and this learning will be all the more important when done with you.

8. Baby Oil

Your baby needs a good body massage every now and then for the nourishment of his skin and to prevent it from getting dry. That’s where baby oils enter the scene! They are prepared by adding nourishing ingredients like Cocoa butter, Shea butter and essential oils made from extracts of Lavender, Calendula and Aloe Vera making them to be great moisturizers for dry, severely chapped or split skin. Some babies might be allergic to scents, so some baby oils are also unscented, so you can choose accordingly. Convenient!

9. Baby Powder

Baby powder is another must-have for grooming your baby. It is a medicated and hypoallergenic product which is suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin since it is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It lets your baby stay fresh and smelling sweet throughout the day by absorbing sweat and whisking away any lingering scents. In this way, baby powder also helps in preventing and alleviating diaper rash and prickly heat (also known as “heat rash” or “sweat rash”). Pretty useful!

10. Baby Lotion

Like baby oil, baby lotion is also an invaluable product for moisturizing your baby’s skin. It is prepared with extracts from nourishing ingredients like Vanilla, Lavender, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Honey apple and Cucumber melon, and also contains Vitamin E which helps prevent dry and chapped skin, and also promotes skin lightening. Baby lotions are hypoallergenic and are suitable for babies’ sensitive skin. They have an added benefit of repelling mosquitoes thus protecting your baby from the discomfort of itching and a broken sleep.

11. Nappy Rash Treatment Cream

Diaper rashes, heat/sweat rashes, skin allergy, and fungal and yeast infections are common problems when it comes to babies. Hot summers, in particular, can wreak havoc upon the sensitive skin of your baby. Worry not! Nappy rash treatment creams are at your disposal! These creams contain an essential ingredient, Dexpanthenol, which is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent, dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations. They are mild and don’t affect your baby’s skin in any negative way. Don’t forget to put this very important baby product in your shopping cart next time you visit the mall!

12. Baby Wipes

On a journey and have no place to clean your baby? Fret not: we have a solution! Baby wipes come really handy in such situations. Even if you are at home, baby wipes prove to be a simple, efficient and portable source of cleaning your baby’s’ bottoms before changing their diapers. They come both in boxes and travel packs hence making it easy to be carried wherever you go. Besides being thick, soft and purely organic, they also have antibacterial properties and contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to calm, moisturize and protect your baby’s skin efficiently round the clock.

13. Baby Nail Clippers

Babies are really delicate and demand extreme caution while handling them. One mistake and it can create a big trouble for your baby—and obviously, you. Baby nail clippers work on the principle of “Safety first”. They are razor sharp and quick in their job. Babies are quite bouncy and difficult to handle, so most baby nail cutters and scissors contain a safety guard and have rounded edges so that you may not hurt your child accidentally. These clippers also have built-in magnifying glass to let you see clearly and cut your baby’s’ nails properly and efficiently.

14. Baby Brush and Comb

Another must-have item to bring out your baby’s beauty is a baby brush or comb. You can buy these individually or in paired sets of different colours and designs. With their soft edges and texture, they ensure your child’s safety and do not hurt their scalp. Baby brushes and combs are wooden, silver and plastic, and offer you a range of choices to select from.


Babies demand a lot of attention and the things I have mentioned are a must have for every mother to take the best care of her baby.

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