How To Select A Nursing Bra

nursing bra

You should shop for a nursing bra during your last month of pregnancy in order to ensure a proper fit. Try to find one that is comfortable. The cups should be loose on top to allow for the use of breast pads or fullness as your milk comes in. The bra should not be tight around the rib cage. It also should not have underwires. Underwires can cause constriction of the milk flow and possibly result in plugged ducts. Cotton fabric is the softest and most absorbent. Avoid lace and any fabrics that may scratch or irritate your baby’s skin. Look for a cup style that is easy to latch and unlatch with one hand, since you will be holding your infant with the other.

When you find a bra you like, purchase just one initially. Try it out to check for comfort. If it is comfortable, purchase two more so you will always have a spare.