What You Want to Know About The Cesarean Baby

cesarean baby

No two babies are alike, cesarean babies included. One noticeable difference between vaginally delivered and planned cesarean babies is that the head of a cesarean infant is nicely shaped because it was not molded by the birth process. If you were in labor for many hours prior to the cesarean, some molding may be noticeable. Because a cesarean baby experienced a surgical delivery, he may need to be more closely observed. Some hospitals require all cesarean babies to spend a certain amount of time in the special care nursery. Since a cesarean baby did not pass through the birth canal, which compresses the amniotic fluid from his lungs, he may have more mucus or may have retained more amniotic fluid in his lungs. This is lessened if the mother experienced some labor. If the mother was given medication or general anesthesia, the baby may be drowsy.

If your baby’s condition is good, ask to have him placed in the regular nursery so that you can have earlier contact with him. If your baby was in distress at birth, however, he may be immediately placed in the intensive care nursery. As soon as you feel able, you can visit him in the nursery. Your partner can push you there in a wheelchair.

If the baby is unable to nurse, you should pump your breasts to provide him with your colostrum and milk. Even if he is not allowed out of his isolette, your baby needs you to touch him and talk to him.