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The Newborn

or There Will Be Some Changes Made

Change is a keyword when it comes to babies. Not only do newborns change the lives of their parents and siblings, they also change physically, almost on a daily basis during the first few months. This chapter focuses on the changes connected with a baby—the physical changes that begin at the moment of birth, the changes in health that may or may not be signals for concern, and the changes that you must make to your home and lifestyle. This section also discusses some of the new things that you must learn to take care of a baby (such as making many diaper changes), as well as the basic things that you may need to keep him fed, clothed, and happy.

Having a newborn is an exciting experience. Your new child will fill your life with discovery, amazement, and joy. Take the opportunity to marvel at each milestone and new adventure. Never again will this little person be changing and learning at such a rapid rate. Enjoy each moment, and invest the energy necessary to make sure that you are providing the best environment for his maximum emotional, mental, and physical development. Every daily interaction and each happy experience you share will help to establish a lifelong family bond.

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